A doctor explains a model of a cervix
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9 Common Signs Of Cervical Cancer You May Be Overlooking
Heavy Periods
If your vaginal bleeding is heavier than usual and you feel extremely tired or dizzy while on your period, there's enough cause for concern to be calling the doctor.
Painful Sex
Any vaginal pain you experience before, during, or post-intercourse, an aching or burning sensation, or pain that doesn't cease after having sex needs to be checked.
Back Or Pelvic Pain
A constant aching sensation in the pelvic area and lower back is one of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer and is also often overlooked.
Vaginal Discharge
Dr. Kecia Gaither, an OB-GYN, warns Prevention that any discharge with a watery consistency and a foul odor should be checked out as it could be a cancerous sign.
Bleeding After Menopause
If you experience any postmenopausal bleeding, you should see your doctor right away, as it can be a sign of cervical or even endometrial cancer.