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Does Cannabis Affect Your Sleep?
Cannabis use has become increasingly popular since many states began legalizing the drug for recreational use and sale, and according to Fortune, sales of marijuana increased between 2021 and 2022. There is one potential benefit that many people turn to marijuana for, and that's a better quality of sleep.
Cannabis contains cannabinoids that increase adenosine levels which promote sleep and are helpful for people with chronic illnesses, such as insomnia, anxiety, or pain. People with post-traumatic stress disorder can potentially fall asleep easier and wake up less during the night by using marijuana before bed.
However, cannabis can interrupt REM sleep, which helps with learning, memory, and brain development. According to a 2021 study from the journal Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, consistent marijuana smokers who smoked 20 or more days per month were less likely to get the recommended amount of sleep due to interruptions in their REM cycles.