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For Healthy Weight Loss, This Is The Ideal Time To Eat Peanut Butter
Adding peanut butter to your diet could be great if you're aiming for healthy weight loss, but the key to being most beneficial is all in the timing of when you eat it.
Per a 2014 The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, the ideal time to eat peanut butter is as a snack between meals, as it keeps you full longer and prevents overeating.
If you like snacking in the long gaps between meals, opting for peanut butter in the early afternoon and evening can effectively manage hunger and energy levels.
According to a 2015 Nutrients study, snacking protein-rich foods like peanut butter before bedtime can improve sleep. A 2013 British Journal of Nutrition study found similar results.
Eating peanut butter at breakfast can also be beneficial for weight loss. It keeps you full until lunchtime, thus reducing calorie intake and supporting your goals.
Limit your peanut butter consumption to two tablespoons daily to control your calorie intake. For optimal health benefits, pick a natural, additive-free variety.