Ginger with leaves on a board
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Ginger Water Is The Secret To A Better Poop
Struggling with constipation is a problem many people occasionally face. Luckily, you can add ginger to your glass of water to make your "bathroom business" more efficient.
According to dietitian Brigitte Zeitlin, ginger can fight constipation and bloat. Gingerol, a natural component in the ginger plant, aids the smooth digestive process.
Registered dietitian nutritionist Nikki Yelton says ginger can also soothe your gut lining by boosting the presence of the inflammation-fighting hormone prostaglandin.
In addition to promoting the release of enzymes in your digestive tract, ginger can protect your gut from the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and environmental pollution.
To incorporate ginger in your water, boil with grated ginger and steep for 10 minutes before straining. Drink it warm as tea, or cool it off for a refreshing glass of water.