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Here's What Really Changes When You Work Out Twice A Day
While working out twice a day is usually a routine for professional athletes or anyone training for a competition, there are some health benefits even if you're not a pro athlete. Before deciding on working out twice daily, it is good to know the advantages and disadvantages.
Brandon Mentore, a strength and conditioning coach and sports nutritionist, says that working out twice daily can improve overall performance, strength, and muscle growth. Mentore also explains you can increase protein synthesis, anabolic output, and metabolic capacity, making it possible to reach your fitness goals faster.
However, a twice-daily workout can put you at risk of injury and overtraining. Overtraining can cause a wide array of symptoms, with the most common being persistent sore, stiff or heavy muscles, fatigue, decreased performance, and an increase in headaches, among others.
Working out regularly has benefits, but the body needs time to rest and recover, including eating and staying hydrated throughout the day. Don't start with twice-daily workouts right away; instead, work your way up, and once ready, you'll need to space out these workouts at least six hours apart.