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How A Cold Shower Can Improve Your Immunity
Cold water therapy, or the practice of submerging oneself in water cooled to around 59 degrees Fahrenheit, has been gaining attention over the last few years. However, Healthline notes that humans have been practicing cold water therapy for millennia, and today, this technique is still believed to have certain health benefits.
A 2012 study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that cyclists who immersed themselves in cold water for 10 minutes after working out had significantly reduced muscle soreness. Also, a 2008 study published in Medical Hypotheses found that two short cold showers daily alleviated symptoms of depression.
Another study found that stress-inducing stimuli (like a cold shower) can activate the immune system and increase metabolic rate, so long as you keep it in moderation. In a separate study, participants who were exposed to bacterial infection had fewer symptoms and produced more anti-inflammatory chemicals when immersed in cold water.