Jar of peanut butter
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How Eating Lots Of Peanut Butter Affects Your Metabolism
A healthy metabolism means your body quickly burns calories to meet energy needs. Regularly eating peanut butter can positively affect your body's metabolic rate.
With 7.1 grams of protein in just two tablespoons, peanut butter helps maintain healthy and strong muscles. The more fat-free muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate is.
A 2009 Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation study found that daily consumption of peanuts increased participants' basal metabolic rate (BMR).
BMR is the number of calories burned while the body performs basic life-sustaining functions. Peanut butter is high in fiber, keeping you full longer and improving digestion.
Peanut butter is also a rich source of insoluble fiber, which the body can't digest. It means your body burns calories trying to break it down, thus improving your metabolism.
A 2021 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found that regularly eating peanuts could reverse metabolic syndrome like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.