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How To Protect Your Teeth From Coffee Stains
If you regularly drink coffee, you may be worried about stains affecting your bright gleaming smile. According to Healthline, drinking just one cup per day is enough to make the white color disappear, so here’s how you can protect your teeth from getting coffee stains.
According to Healthline, you may want to brush at least two times a month with a pinch of baking soda, because it works as a natural teeth whitener. You'll definitely want to brush your teeth after drinking coffee — but not immediately.
Acidic drinks like coffee soften the enamel and make them susceptible to damage, so if you brush right after, you risk damaging the natural enamel covering your teeth. Instead, wait for half an hour to give time for the enamel to harden, and simply rinse with water in the meantime.
Healthline also suggests switching to an electric toothbrush, because it's more powerful and applies more strength in brushing off the stains. Additionally, you may want to consider sipping coffee through a straw, as this limits coffee exposure to the tooth enamel.