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How To Reduce Anxiety Without Medication
Anxiety refers to uncontrollable feelings of stress or worry about uncertain outcomes, but if you feel anxious all the time, you may need treatment. Anxiety disorders, often diagnosed as mental illness, have many symptoms, including rapid breathing, an increased heart rate, difficulty concentrating, and trouble sleeping.
While medication is sometimes necessary to treat anxiety, you can try reducing your symptoms in other ways if you're wary of starting on meds. Regular exercise increases serotonin levels, AKA happy hormones, in the brain, and it is also an excellent way to take your mind off things that are making you anxious.
Your diet can impact anxiety levels, and it is essential to avoid foods with caffeine, high saturated fat, and high sugar, as these can worsen symptoms. Attending support groups and going to therapy can also significantly reduce anxiety; more affordable therapy is becoming more accessible today.