Side view of a therapist giving abdominal massage in female patient.
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How To Relieve Constipation Through Abdominal Massage
Constipation can happen when waste or stool doesn't properly move out of the system, causing it to become hard and dry. This may be due to a blockage in the colon or rectum, nerve problems around the colon or rectum, muscle difficulty, or hormonal conditions.
Constipation can be frustrating, but a simple at-home abdominal massage may help clear your system. Not only can massages help alleviate pain and discomfort, but they are an effective method for increasing the frequency of bowel movements, decreasing the amount of time that waste spends in the colon, and stimulating the muscles that help the bowels move.
To massage your abdomen, lie on your back with both hands applying some pressure to the abdomen. Starting at the lower right side, make clockwise circles using gentle pressure with both hands, then gently apply pressure to the inside of your hip bone.
Release and apply pressure just under the ribs, on the right side and then on the left. Using your left hand, apply pressure to the inside of your left hip bone. Using both hands, use your fingertips to gently press into the abdomen and pull up, and repeat as needed without overdoing it.