A jar of peanut butter
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Is Peanut Butter Good For Your Gut? What We Know
Maintaining our digestive system is vital as it dictates how we feel, our immune response, how we digest food, our weight, and our heart health.
Peanut butter is rich in fiber, an essential nutrient for good gut health. Consuming up to two tablespoons daily can effectively promote and maintain a healthy digestive system.
For maximum benefit, choose a brand with minimal ingredients, ideally just peanuts and salt, and avoid those containing additives like sugar, vegetable oils, and corn syrup.
A 2020 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that eating an ounce of peanuts daily increases the concentration of bacteria linked to healthy liver and immune function.
The Journal of Functional Foods published a 2023 study that found that prebiotic substances in peanut butter can positively affect mood and cognition.