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Is There A Right Way To Wash Your Body?
Hopping into the shower after work or exercise is one of the best feelings ever, but if you shower every day or more frequently than that, you should know how to wash your body well. There are several factors to consider, such as the right soap, temperature, and tools, to avoid drying out your skin while still keeping it clean.
According to dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian, "Adult skin can be washed daily, but only if using these guidelines: short showers, lukewarm water, and a gentle cleanser." Long, hot showers may cause your skin to dry out, as hot water strips the skin's natural oils away, and higher temps can also increase inflammation.
You should also choose a cleanser based on your skin type; for instance, if you have body acne, a mild cleanser with non-comedogenic ingredients is best. Also, if you use tools like a loofah or washcloth, let them dry thoroughly, instead of keeping them damp, and clean them once in a while to prevent bacterial growth.
Beyond your choice of cleanser, temperature, and scrubbing devices, there's no "right" technique to actually wash your body. It's generally easier to wash your nether regions first, followed by other body parts that contain a lot of sweat glands, but you should focus on cleansing where you personally need it most.