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Science Says This Female Body Type Is Most Attractive To Men
By Jorie Mark
Want to appeal to the opposite sex? You might already be lucky, as a University of Texas at Austin study has found that most men are attracted to women whose waists are 30 percent more narrow than their hips (or a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7).
This is your classic hourglass figure, which women who are very thin, medium-sized, or plus-sized can all have, and researchers believe the preference for it is built in biologically. As explained by Evolution and Human Behavior, women with the hourglass shape are most likely to get pregnant easily, have uncomplicated deliveries, and produce a type of fat that nourishes the baby's brain.
However, the attraction to hourglass figures might not be the exact same across cultures. The same study found that size can still matter — men in societies where young women tend to be heavy will prefer larger hourglasses, and vice versa.