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Surprising Things That Happen When You Start Sleeping Naked
Fall asleep faster
Dr. Felice Gersh, an obstetrician-gynecologist, says that "being naked [lowers] skin temperature that can facilitate sleep," and this is especially beneficial for women going through menopause, which can cause hot flashes and night sweats. Regardless of what you wear to bed, try keeping your bedroom between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
Improve sleep quality
A 2012 Journal of Physiological Anthropology study found that "heat exposure increases wakefulness and decreases slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep." Gersh adds that being naked "avoids ... [the] bunching up of sleeping garments," so sleeping naked gives you a deeper, more comfortable, better-quality rest.
Improve mental health
Insomnia can be a symptom of psychiatric disorders, and WebMD even says that lack of sleep and depression often go hand in hand. One of the best steps to combat anxiety and depression is to establish healthy sleep habits, and sleeping naked can improve sleep patterns, reducing these negative feelings.
Reduce risk of diseases
Not getting enough sleep can increase one's chances of developing an impaired fasting glucose number, leading to diabetes, and a lack of sleep can also negatively affect blood pressure, the immune system, and more. Sleeping naked enhances your quality of slumber, and could lower your chances of developing these health issues.
Losing weight
A study published on ScienceDaily found that women who slept five hours or less each night were more inclined to gain weight (33 pounds or more), since they tend to have higher levels of ghrelin, which increases appetite. Sleeping well (and sleeping naked) may help control cravings, reduce appetite, and kick start metabolism.