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The Essential Vitamin That Will Keep You Looking Young
Trying to slow down aging, many focus on a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, skin products that target fine lines and wrinkles, and abstaining from alcohol and smoking.
Researchers at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin say that how your environment affects your genes can give you a biological age that may differ from your chronological one.
Depending on how it affects your genes, a Vitamin D deficiency can cause you to age faster biologically and even become frail.
The National Academy of Medicine recommended daily intake is 600 international units (IU) for people aged 19 to 70 and 800 IU for those over 70.
We may get less than needed during winter as our skin produces considerable vitamin D when exposed to UVB radiation. This ability reduces as we age.
Foods rich in vitamin D include salmon, mackerel, swordfish, trout, sardines, fortified plant-based and dairy milk and yogurts, fortified cereals, mushrooms, eggs, and beef liver.