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This Is How Many Pushups You Really Need To Do Every Day
Doing pushups daily has several health benefits, but one should be in proper form to prevent injuries and work the right muscles. Keep the back straight and keep the whole body in one straight line throughout the pushup, and when doing the exercise, the only things that should be moving are the elbows.
For beginners, start with 10 pushups and use an incline, like an exercise box or stepper, to get the proper form without using the knees. Intermediate exercisers can do 10 traditional pushups without the incline, and those more advanced can do 10 pushups with a pause at the bottom for more difficulty.
Always use proper form with every pushup and work slowly until there is no need to use the incline. Start with two to three sets of five, and move up to six reps until reaching three sets of 10, lowering the incline until the proper form and the goal are reached.