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This Pressure Point Will Help You Poop Quickly. How To Find It
Per traditional Chinese medicine, pressing a specific spot on the body can help you poop quickly. This spot is known as the poop button, Conception Vessel 6, or the Sea of Energy.
This pressure point is located about two to three finger widths below the navel. For best results, apply firm yet gentle pressure on the poop button, and stop if it hurts.
"If this happens, retry it very gently, slowly and steadily increasing the pressure," suggests Wendy, who shared this method on her blog Wisdom of the Moon.
While some people feel better within seconds, the technique might take a few minutes to work for others. However, don't press the poop button for more than 5 minutes.
Pregnant women, people with long nails, or those with lung or kidney disease, heart problems, or irritated skin should not use this technique.