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Try Sleeping Like This If You Have Tight Hips
Depending on your sleep position, you may unknowingly aggravate your hip pain. Whether due to a medical condition or a bad mattress, these tips will help you rest better.
Sleeping on your back rather than your side will alleviate direct pressure on your hip. A pillow underneath your knees will reduce stress in the lower back, glutes, and hips.
If you're a side sleeper and only one hip is giving you grief, try to sleep on the side that isn't causing you pain with a pillow between your ankles and one between your knees.
Whatever you do, avoid sleeping on your stomach if at all possible. All that time spent on your belly overnight puts a great deal of stress on the front of the hips and lower back.
The best sleep position to reduce hip pain while pregnant is left-side sleeping. A pillow between the knees keeps the hips supported and the pelvis properly aligned.