Close-up of bottle of Huy Fong Foods brand sriracha sauce, aka Rooster Sauce, San Ramon, California, May 31, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)
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Unexpected Side Effects Of Eating Sriracha
Sriracha's sweet and spicy sublimity is unmatched among sauces. With just one calorie and less than a gram of sugar per teaspoon, the well-known sauce might seem like the perfect dipping sauce for anyone watching their weight, but behind the velvety delicacy of sriracha come some unexpected side effects.
However, many people consume more than a tablespoon of sriracha per meal, which increases their sugar and sodium daily intake. In addition, some sriracha brands contain preservatives like sodium bisulfate, which can cause wheezing, hives, and upset stomachs in people with sulfite sensitivities.
Sriracha also contains capsaicin, which elicits the burning effect yet slows the gastric emptying rate, contributing to indigestion and acid reflux. However, the unexpected side effect of eating sriracha is surprising, as capsaicin has long been an effective pain reliever and can stimulate metabolism and burn fat, preventing diabetes and obesity.