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When You Don't Clean Your Ears Every Day, This Is What Happens
While washing the face, brushing the teeth, and showering are the most vital parts of our hygiene routine, it's easy to forget about cleaning the ears. It is essential to keep the ears clean because the area around our ears can trap sweat, oils, and residue from skin or hair care products, and no, it does not involve Q-Tips.
Taking a preventative approach to cleaning the area around and behind the ears can keep the potential for any skin conditions or smells from developing. A smell behind the ears could crop up due to skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, infections from piercings, cuts or injuries, or even yeast infections.
Use soap and warm water to wash the area behind the ears thoroughly daily, and exfoliate that area of skin a couple of times a week to prevent dead skin from building up. However, not cleaning the inside of your ears every day is actually a good thing, as your ears are "self-cleaning." Turn to professionals if an interior ear cleaning is needed.