The Skincare Tool That May Help Ease Your TMJ

Whether you clench, grit, or grind your teeth at night, you likely know the pain of waking up with a sore jaw all too well. The temporomandibular joint, or simply known as TMJ, connects the jawbone to the skull through two joints, one located on the right side of your jaw and the other on the left, per Mayo Clinic. There are several TMJ disorders that can leave a person with a sore or painful jaw, especially first thing in the morning after a night of clenching your jaw while you sleep.

According to theĀ Cleveland Clinic, there are several potential causes of TMJ disorders that can include an improper bite between the upper and layer rows of teeth, stress, injury, arthritis in one or both sides of the TMJ, and habits of teeth grinding or clenching. People who suffer from TMJ disorders report symptoms that can sometimes be deceiving, like headaches, earaches, shoulder or neck pain, and ringing in the ears. Other times, symptoms are more obvious and include pain in the jaw, difficulty or painful opening of the mouth, trouble chewing, and either a jaw that feels locked or sounds of popping and clicking of the jaw. At times, TMJ disorders are temporary and symptoms can be treated at home. In fact, there's one skincare tool that may be a secret weapon when it comes to fighting TMJ pain and tightness. Here's what you should know about this skincare tool hack.

Benefits of ice rollers

When it comes to TMJ pain, ice rollers may just be the skincare tool you've been waiting for since they can reduce pain, calm inflammation, and massage the muscles that become tight during periods of jaw clenching, reports Self. Having a cold ice roller ready to go first thing in the morning can make it easy to fight the pain and tension in your jaw when you wake up. Depending on the type of TMJ disorder you have, your healthcare provider may recommend additional treatments including over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), like ibuprofen (via theĀ Cleveland Clinic). There are specific jaw exercises and massage methods to relieve aching joints and muscles, which is where an ice roller becomes beneficial, as per Self.

Utilizing an ice roller around the muscles that become the tightest as a result of TMJ disorders is the best way to take advantage of this miracle tool for jaw pain. The masseter muscle is located behind the cheeks along the side of the jaw and although it's the strongest muscle in the entire body, it is often affected by TMJ disorders (via PainScience). Since the masseter muscle is involved in chewing, clenching the jaw or grinding teeth can cause the masseter muscle to become tight and painful. Massaging this muscle along your jaw and upward toward your cheekbones can lessen the symptoms of TMJ, and incorporating an ice roller in the practice can simultaneously reduce inflammation.