This Is How Long It Takes For Hormone Replacement Therapy To Start Working

While menopause is certainly an incredible beginning to a new journey, some days can be really challenging to deal with. With early menopause comes an array of body changes that may be hard to navigate on your own. The experts at Mayo Clinic suggest that regular exercising, eating a well-balanced diet, and following relaxation techniques may offer relief during tough days. Another common way to relieve symptoms of menopausal symptoms is through hormone replacement therapy (HRT), according to the National Health Services (NHS).

HRT targets low hormone levels that occur after a certain age and replace them. The therapy is useful for managing a variety of menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, heavy sweating throughout the night, and mood swings, among others. Additionally, it's helpful in reducing the risk of osteoporosis or bone fractures as it increases the levels of estrogen (per Mayo Clinic). Similarly, HRT is also advised for men who have significantly low testosterone levels after a certain age (via Healthline).

How long does it take for HRT to work?

HRT doesn't offer quick solutions and is a gradual process of changes, explains the experts from Premier Health and Wellness. Plus, the experiences vary from person to person, depending on the circumstances and overall response to the treatment. So while some people may start seeing changes in just a few days, others may have to wait months to see any noticeable differences. According to the NHS, it can typically range from a just few weeks to about three months until you start feeling changes. 

In case you still don't see differences after three months, it's likely that you need a different kind of route with this therapy and the doctor might offer other possible alternatives. The doctor may also adjust the doses to see if that helps with the HRT effects (via BodyLogicMD). Overall, they advise HRT patients to maintain a holistic lifestyle alongside the treatment. This means that if you follow a healthy routine, such as exercising regularly, maintaining a well-balanced diet, going for follow-ups, and keeping your stress levels at a minimum, you may have a better chance to see positive results of HRT at a quicker pace.