How To Replicate Jonathan Van Ness' Simple Bodyweight Workout

Take a scroll through Instagram and you'll likely find a plethora of workouts led by trainers, A-list celebrities, and more. While it's exciting to find a new workout challenge on Instagram to try, sometimes it can feel intimidating, especially if that workout requires weights. But Jonathan Van Ness, from Netflix's Queer Eye, just shared their go-to simple bodyweight workout that almost anyone can do.

This no-equipment workout was created by Van Ness's trainer, 22-year-old Angel Flores, a trans powerlifter and Olympic weightlifting coach (via Shape). Queer Eye fanatics may remember Flores's appearance in Season 6, Episode 2, titled "Angel Gets Her Wings". Flores tells Shape that "This particular workout is a quick, end-of-session, full-body circuit." It's meant to metabolically condition the body through a quick three series finisher: jump squats, curtsy lunges, and good old-fashioned push-ups.

Each of these moves offers great strength or aerobic benefits, and together target almost the entire body. Jump squats help improve range of motion, explosive strength, sprint time, and power, according to a 2016 study. Curtsy lunges increase stability, inner thigh muscles, and overall lower body strength, explains Healthline. And push-ups target the upper body to improve posture, balance, and boost flexibility (via WebMD).

Start with jump squats and curtsy lunges

Once you've completed your workout, it's the perfect time to give Jonathan Van Ness' simple bodyweight workout a try. Van Ness explains in an Instagram post that "I did sets of 10, then eight, then six, then four, then 10 for the last one, so it's five rounds of these three exercises" (per Shape). Remember it's a finisher, so there's no need to warm up.

First up in this workout are jump squats. This move will target the glutes, hamstrings, hips, and quads, explains Healthline. Believe it or not, this plyometric exercise will also crank your heart rate up, so it's important to make sure your squat form is flawless. Start by placing your feet hip distance apart. Bend your knees and squat down, then jump through your heels as high as possible. When landing, bend your knees and return to the squat position.

Next are curtsy lunges. This strength training exercise targets the lower leg muscles like the quads and glutes. More specifically it works the inner thigh muscles, the gluteus medius, and the hip abductors, according to Healthline. Curtsy lunges are similar to regular lunges, except for the direction that you step in. To start, stand with your feet hip distance apart, then step back diagonally. Lower until your front knee is 90 degrees and your back knee is perpendicular to the ground (via Shape). Drive through your front foot to stand back up.

Finish up with push ups

The ultimate finisher to Jonathan Van Ness' simple bodyweight workout are push ups. This tried and true arm exercise is a staple for good reason — it tones, strengthens, and it's convenient. This movement targets the upper body muscles such as the chest, upper and middle back muscles, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and the serratus anterior (via Medical News Today). But it also recruits other muscles since the body is in plank position during the exercise. This includes the lower back muscles, core muscles, hips, and legs, points out WebMD.

For standard push-ups, start in a plank position. Breathe in, then bend your elbows until your chest hovers above the floor (per Medical News Today). Hold for a second, then breathe out and push up through the arms to return to high-plank position.

Keep in mind, each of these bodyweight moves can be modified to increase or decrease the intensity level. To make the moves more accessible, Flores tells Shape "you can do air squats instead of jump squats, normal lunges instead of curtsy, and do push-ups on a raised surface." For more challenge, try burpees instead of jump squats. Intensify curtsy lunges by adding a kettlebell or dumbbells. And for push-ups, there's a ton of variations to try. Medical News Today suggests elevated push-ups or clap push-ups. Regardless of what you choose, this three-series finisher is a great way to switch up your routine.