This Smallpox Vaccine Is Proving To Be A Game Changer In Protecting Against Monkeypox

In July 2022, the World Health Organization declared that the monkeypox virus had become a global health emergency (via JAMA Network). Monkeypox is a virus that is similar to smallpox (via CDC). It is spread through contact with an infected animal, typically a monkey or a rodent. The virus can also be spread from person to person, which is why it's important for those who have been exposed to the virus to get tested and quarantined as soon as possible. Monkeypox typically causes a rash, fever, and headache, as well as a rash that can form on the face, hands, and feet. The disease can be deadly in some cases. There is no specific treatment for monkeypox, but there is a vaccine that can help prevent the virus from spreading.

According to WebMD, a smallpox vaccine may also be able to help. The Jynneos vaccine, which was created to protect against smallpox infections, has been shown to protect against monkeypox infections as well. People who received even a single dose received significant protection against monkeypox, even though two doses are recommended. Health officials are urging high-risk individuals to get vaccinated against monkeypox as soon as possible to keep themselves safe.

How to protect yourself against monkeypox

In addition to getting vaccinated, there are several ways to reduce your risk of developing monkeypox. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, avoiding contact with animals that could be infected, washing your hands often, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick are all preventative measures you can take. If you think you may have been exposed to monkeypox, it's important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for preventing the virus from spreading.

While everyone is able to get and spread monkeypox, the LGBTQ+ community may be more vulnerable to the disease (via CNN). People with weakened immune systems are also more susceptible to the virus. Several antiviral treatments that are typically used to treat smallpox can be used to ease symptoms of monkeypox (via CDC). In severe cases, patients may need hospitalization and intensive supportive care. Even if you are not a high-risk patient, it is important to talk to a medical professional if you believe you have monkeypox.