Brooke Burke Finally Disclosed Her Daily Fitness Routine - Exclusive

Workout queens know how hard it is to balance a busy schedule with daily workouts. Between working, running errands, and trying to maintain a social life, your fitness routine can sometimes get the boot. The good news is that there's always something you can do to stay active — for example, if you aren't able to commit to hours at the gym, try out "hot girl walks" on your next lunch break. Brooke Burke sure approves of them, as the fitness guru is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.

During an exclusive interview with Health Digest's sister site The List, Burke finally revealed the fitness routine that whips her into shape. "The Dancing with the Stars" winner has made her way in the health industry with an exercise app that features classes with Burke herself. If you have some extra time in the morning, the television personality also offers live virtual classes for the ultimate workout. So what does Brooke herself do to maintain a fitness routine? Stretching, first and foremost.

Burke enjoys body sculpting and yoga

What Brooke Burke really focuses on is body sculpting and yoga, as she also told The List, "I am a big believer in stretching. I stretch and recover throughout my workouts. I work out to the burn. If I'm in a class or teaching a class, it's a total mind/body experience. It's about an hour." As Burke is often busy teaching, she is normally able to fit in a booty workout within 10 minutes and an ab workout in about five.

Burke added that she enjoys infrared saunas after a workout. She explained, "Some days, I'll do a yoga flow and not worry about body sculpting. I do a lot of sound bath meditations that I actually teach." The "E! Network" host claims that meditation is "really good for the spirit, [and] for the mind."

Burke's app offers a variety of workouts from equipment to no equipment and from short time frames to long time frames. The fitness personality recommends figuring out what workout fits your needs — whether that's stretching, yoga, weightlifting, or something else — and going from there, as she believes exercising should be "something you can enjoy."

While the actress is already busy curating an online fitness community, Burke also recently launched her own superfood powders for a daily boost to go along with that daily workout. But even if you don't have the time to devote to Burke's longer wellness routines, try taking a page from her book and fit in that 5-minute stretch or workout — your body and soul might just need it.

Check out the Longevity website to learn more about Burke's new superfood powders or head to Brooke Burke's website to take ZOOM classes with Brooke herself.