3 Easy Stretches That Jennifer Garner Swears By

Jennifer Garner is notorious for sharing her fitness routines and workout tips with her fans. In fact, she never misses a beat when it comes to updating the public on her latest exercise craze. According to EatingWell, the actress is constantly posting workout updates on Instagram from her home gym, which is full of all different types of exercise equipment, including treadmills, balance balls, trampolines, and plyometric boxes. But how exactly does Garner stay in such great shape?

In addition to eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, Garner does cardio, strength training, and plyometrics to help keep her body toned and in shape (via Eat This, Not That). One of her more challenging workouts involves five sets of 40 jump rope jumps, 16 leaps on a mini trampoline while holding a 10-pound medicine ball, and eight box jumps. According to Garner's trainer, Beth Nicely, the goal is to complete this workout routine in less than three minutes. "I consider her a professional athlete in what she's capable of physically," Nicely said.

Stretches that can help align your body and breath

While Garner may be fond of intense workouts, she also knows when to slow down and stretch. In an Instagram post in May 2022, Garner shared a video of herself and Peloton yoga and meditation instructor Chelsea Jackson Roberts doing three easy stretches that she swears help "align the body and breath." In the video, Garner and Roberts performed three simple stretches: a body roll, a side body stretch, and a spinal twist (via Shape).

To perform a body roll like Garner, sit on the ground with your legs crossed and your hands on your knees, then push your chest forward as you inhale. Begin rotating your torso in a circular motion, and on the exhale, bring your navel to your spine, continuing the circle until you reach a neutral spine. To do a side body stretch, start in the same position and raise your right arm in the air, leaning over to the left side of your body, then raise both arms to center. Finally, do a spinal twist with your legs crossed and raising both arms in the air as you inhale. Slowly bring your hands down as you exhale, turning to the right side of your body and placing your left hand on your right knee. Kimberly Washington, a vinyasa yoga instructor, told Shape that these types of stretches can help you "relieve a lot of anxiety and allow you to get rid of a lot of stress."