What Is Lumen And How Does It Help You Hack Your Metabolism?

Finding the right combination of exercise and healthy eating can be challenging enough. But when your metabolism decides to act like a rebel, no matter how dedicated you are to your gym routine and strict diet, finding ways to achieve that ideal body style can be exhausting. From personal trainers and nutritionists to supplements and diets, there's no shortage of programs, products, or services all geared towards helping individuals unlock the secrets to the best program for fat loss and weight management. Yet, many of these programs still offer a one size fits all approach to diet and exercise that may not be compatible with your personal metabolic profile.

Some popular diets appear to offer a more customized approach using measurements, like tracking macros and activity levels, to create a buffer for what a person can eat (via Prevention). Other dieting plans, like the keto diet, focus on sending the body into fat-burning status, measuring the desired goals through ketone presence in urine, typically through a test strip (via Healthline).

Luckily, there's a new device that promises to provide the keys to hacking your individual metabolism with only a few deep breaths each day. The Lumen metabolism tracker is an electronic handheld device that measures carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to determine if your body is generating energy from fat stores or consumed carbohydrates (via Lumen). Though the science is exactly the latest in technology, the Lumen device claims to provide unique benefits previously reserved for top athletes and physicians.

Overview of Lumen

Being a lightweight and seemingly easy-to-use device, Lumen claims it can not only help you achieve your weight goals but can also create a program that's designed specifically around your individual lifestyle and metabolic habits.

Paring with a smartphone app, the Lumen program takes in factors, like your sleep cycles, eating habits, and activity levels when creating an initial program for your individual progress, according to their website. Like many weight management products and programs, your initial program is created on the answers you provide.

However, unlike other programs, once the device is received and you begin your regular measurements, your program becomes more customized based on the data obtained through the handheld device. A review in the Daily Beast claimed that the customization is created from a metabolic profile using your individual breath, alerting you to what foods are appropriate for you to eat throughout the day.

How does Lumen hack your metabolism?

Lumen uses a colored ring and a five-point rating system in order to provide results, according to a review in Wired. After breathing correctly into the device for ten seconds, a rating of one to five is produced. For the best weight loss results, or to ensure your metabolism is functioning the best, a score of one or two is given, indicating that your body is in fat-burning mode. A score of three means that your body is burning both fats and carbs, while a score of four or five is indicative that your body is still burning solely carbohydrates. In most cases, scores of four or five indicate that your previous day's carb intake was too high.

If you're looking for an easier way to determine if your body is operating by burning fat, the Lumen device may be the right product for you. While other breath analyzers are available, Lumen's metabolic profiling and app analysis provide a customized program that can help you maintain or achieve your ideal body weight.

Keep in mind, Lumen offers the device as part of a plan package with a rate that is charged in 6-month increments, starting at $249. They also provide a 30-day risk-free guarantee where you can return the device and cancel your membership for a full refund.