Can Fenugreek Relieve A Sore Throat?

Fenugreek is more than just an herb — it has also featured heavily in non-Western medicine for thousands of years, as per Healthline. This plant hails from areas around India and North Africa and features yellow pods that house the seeds used for both culinary and medicinal motives, explains Gardener's Path. It is abundant in Indian cuisine, where the ground seeds are often found as part of a spice blend and added to curries, per The Kitchn. In fact, when it comes to medicinal and health benefits, the uses and benefits are numerous.

The experts at WebMD point out some of the common medical uses for fenugreek, which include lowering blood sugar levels in those with diabetes, reducing pain associated with menstrual cramps, and lowering cholesterol. Although most medicinal uses are outside the realm of Western medicine, scientific research has found evidence for the herb's various benefits. For example, in one 2015 study on the effectiveness of fenugreek for preventing Type 2 diabetes, researchers found that participants who were supplemented with fenugreek powder saw lower levels of fasting glucose and improvements in insulin function. Additionally, a 2018 network meta-analysis noted that fenugreek was effective at stimulating breastmilk production in lactating mothers when compared to placebo, control, and other groups.

You may have also heard of one other common use for fenugreek — to relieve a sore throat. Here's what we know.

Fenugreek is a natural option for soothing throat irritation

A 2018 review on fenugreek's nutraceutical properties published in the Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences noted that the herb has powerful healing qualities, including when it comes to throat inflammation. This is likely due to the high levels of antioxidants found in the seeds, specifically flavonoids, and phenolic acids, as pointed out by Medical News Today. These antioxidants work to reduce inflammation in the body, which is incredibly beneficial when you have a sore throat — a condition marked by painful swelling and difficulty swallowing, as per the Mayo Clinic.

If you have a sore throat and want to try this herbal-based remedy, brew a cup of fenugreek tea for the best results as opposed to taking it in other forms, such as pills, since warm liquids bring more blood to the area for an increased soothing effect, per Medical News Today. You can find the seeds pre-prepared in tea bags or loose powder form, depending on your personal preferences. Additionally, if you have the seeds themselves on hand, you can add one tablespoon to one cup of boiling water and throw in a bit of honey or another sweetener if the resulting brew is too bitter for your tastes, as per wikiHow.