45 Gift Ideas For The Person Who Is Sleep-Deprived

Sleep is so important. It impacts every aspect of our lives, and nothing compares to a good night's sleep. Quality rest isn't always easy to attain, though. Whether you have experienced trouble sleeping or had a friend or loved one who's struggled with it, you know the damage it can cause. Not getting sleep is terrible, but for many, it's a part of their everyday life.

When it comes to the holidays, getting the right gift can mean the world to the right person. It isn't just about the money spent on the gift, but about the effort put into picking and obtaining it. A gift can be more than just a toy; it can answer a problem someone didn't know existed, such as those with sleep struggles. The sleep-deprived have often tried almost every strategy in the book to try and manage their sleep. However, your gift to them this year could be the thing that changes the game for them. Regardless, showing compassion and making an effort to help with such an invaluable resource and delicate situation can be worth more than many expensive (but possibly less meaningful) gifts.

Here's a list of gift ideas for that person in your life who is battling insomnia regularly or occasionally. These gifts are perfect for helping someone who knows they need and want better sleep, but they could also serve as another layer of comfort or treat for someone you care about.

Guided Sleep Audiobook

This a great gift idea for anyone looking to calm down or find their zen. Guided Sleep Meditations audiobook provides scripts read in a soothing voice for calming down, reducing anxiety, and falling asleep. This gift only requires somewhere and someone to listen to help themselves relax. This guided meditation audiobook can be purchased on Audible for $6.99.

Luna Knee Pillow

Sleep is all about getting into just the right spot and being able to stay there through the night. The Luna Memory Foam Knee Pillow can help you do just that. Side sleepers can simply put the ergonomically designed pillow between their knees to help relieve pressure and align the spine. Sleep comfortably through the night without waking up to back pain with the Luna, available for $17.48 on Amazon.

Vekkia Book-Light

Sometimes you just need a little distraction to let your brain realize you're tired. Reading a book rather than looking at your phone or tablet may provide a way to tire yourself without receiving messages or unplanned scrolling. Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light provides the perfect lighting for those nights when a book may help. The light comes in multiple colors and is adjustable with varying heads, a posable and attachable stand, and adjustable brightness. Purchase the Vekkia on Amazon for $17.59.

Bedtime Storybook

Someone needing a good bedtime book to read will benefit from "58 Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults." It's a book of relaxing stories to help wash away the day's stress and get settled for sleep. A physical copy of the book may be best, as there will be no screen glow or social media interruptions. You can purchase a physical copy on Amazon for $23.95.

Marshmallow Night Light

Those who have trouble sleeping often get up and move in the middle of the night. Whether searching for a book or a glass of water, you need a light that helps you see but won't wake you up. The Marshmallow-Soft Silicone Night Light provides a dimmable light that can be charged and displaced anywhere when you need it. This light also has a squishy body for stress relief and a durable design. You can pick one of two handle colors for $49.00 at forlightsleepers.com.

Sheex Performance Sheet Set

Many sleepers often kick off the sheets or blankets because they feel hot, and this disruption can be enough to ruin quality sleep for the rest of the night. Sheex Original Performance Sheet Set provides a set of sheets available in multiple colors made to help keep you cool and prevent uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Get a set of these ultra-soft and light sheets for $141.00 on sheex.com.

Smartwatch Sleep Monitor

Some sleepers aren't sure exactly how their sleep is going as they can't tell the difference when they wake up. Knowing your sleep patterns may help you figure out a way to achieve good sleep more often. The WATAHATIC Smart Watch has a 1.44" touch screen and numerous functions, including a sleep monitor. This lightweight watch can help you track and analyze your nightly sleep stats. You can purchase this smartwatch on Amazon for $12.99.

Brooklinen Cozy Socks

This gift is great if your feet regularly poke out from under the covers or you just like having something comforting wrapped around them at night. Brooklinen socks are for lounging indoors and feeling cozy when you need to. The cushioned socks with lined interiors come in multiple colors and sizes; get a pair for $11.25 at Brooklinen.com.

Body Pillow

Sometimes the key to good sleep is having something to cuddle up to and hold while you're lying in bed. Rather than relying on the family pet, try an AllerEase Body Pillow. The large hypoallergenic pillow is designed to keep its shape, while being just the right size for full-body cuddling. You can purchase one for $11.99 at Kohl's.

Jamby Sleep Shorts

Customers liken wearing Jamby's to being hugged by an angel. These sleep shorts are for comfortable lounging around the house and bed but can also be used outside to check the mail. The unisex shorts are lightweight and have roomy pockets and a stretchy waistband. Get a pair in any number of colors for $26 on Jamby's.com.

thisworks Sleep Spray

Nothing spells sleep better than a calming aroma emanating from your pillow as you rest your head and eyes. thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray provides a natural mist that combines chamomile, lavender, and vetivert to calm the mind and help you fall asleep faster. Get a bottle of thisworks on Amazon for $20.

Sleep Journal

Sometimes, those thoughts you can't get off your mind keep you spinning awake at night. Getting those thoughts written down on paper may help to put them somewhere other than on your wide-awake mind. Sleep: A Day and Night Reflection Journal provides a 90-day way to track your sleep and thoughts impacting rest. Get one of these journals, perfect for helping someone in need of better sleep, on Amazon for $14.99.

Perytong Sleep Headphones

Listening to music or a guided meditation can be the answer to falling asleep quickly at night. Headphones can get in the way or fall out while you're sleeping or getting into the proper position. The Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband Sleep Headphones provide a way to get the listening experience without the clunk or hassle of headphones. Simply slip the lightweight, breathable headband over your head, and the speakers are inside over your ears. Get this convenient and versatile gift in various color options for $19.99 on Amazon.

Personal Fan

A light breeze across your face may be the answer to your sleep struggles. Sharper Images Personal Fan provides a way to get that cool air directly where it needs to go without affecting anyone else in the house. This fan has two speeds and can be plugged in or USB-powered. Get one from Best Buy for $16.99.

CALM Magnesium Gummies

There are many sleep supplements, but they don't all work for everyone, and some aren't all-natural. Natural Vitality CALM Sleep Gummies with Magnesium provides a fun and delicious way to get an edge when it comes to calming down. The company advises that these gummies powered by magnesium are vegan, kid-friendly, and a natural anti-stress supplement. Get a container of 60 in Raspberry Lemon flavor for $14.99 at Target.com.

White Noise Machine

Sleep is about setting the scene for some, and sound is a significant part of that scene's ambiance. White noise is a soothing sound that can help you calm down and drift off to sleep. London Johnson Inc's White Noise Sleep Sound Machine for Adults offers 6 different sleep sounds with a timer so you can set it up and get to sleep without worry. You can purchase one online at Amazon for $18.95.

Natrol Dissolving Melatonin Tablets

According to Healthline, melatonin is a hormone produced in the brain essential to sleep. Some people may not make enough melatonin on their own or may be in a situation where they need extra. Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve Tablets provide a quick way to add melatonin to your sleep routine. These tablets have a strawberry flavor and absorb faster, as they dissolve in your mouth. Get a bottle of 90 1 mg tablets for $6.99 at Amazon.

Temperature Balancing Weighted Blanket

A blanket can feel like a hug for many, but what if the blanket actually does hug you? A weighted blanket provides the cover and comfort of a blanket with the added pressure of weight distributed evenly throughout it. The Tranquility Temperature Balancing 12lb Weighted Blanket provides a temperature-adjusting blanket with a weight that feels like a hug, available for $17.88 at Walmart.

Cool Eye Masking

Manta COOL Mask is the coolest gift you can get for your sleep-deprived loved ones. It provides the comfort and cover of a traditional eye mask but adds a cooling element that is evenly distributed across your eyes and sinuses. This cooling effect can be calming and soothing and help relieve headaches. Get one of these soft, highly adjustable masks for $45 from MantaSleep.com.

Super-Plush Robe

On cool nights a warm robe may be what you need to drift off for some quality rest. Alternatively, you could put it on when you get up in the middle of the night to stay warm. Brooklinen's Super-Plush Robe provides a soft and comforting robe option for relaxing and sleeping. You can get one from Brooklinen.com for $74.25.

Weighted Eye Mask

You know how some people put a pillow over their heads? Well, there's a better alternative to that strategy. Koamask's Weighted Sleep Mask provides cover from the light, plus a weighted massage-like feeling over the eyes, forehead, and sinuses. This mask also has cooling and warming capabilities if the weighted compression doesn't do the job. You can find one on Amazon for $13.43.

Aurora 4 in 1 Projector

The Aurora Projector Cayclay 4-in-1 has it all and a little bit more for your troubled sleeper. The projector can shine a beautiful calming display across the bedroom's ceiling to set the stage for sleep. It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker for music or a white noise machine with a built-in timer function. Get one on Amazon for $39.99.

Sleepytime Herbal Tea

A warm and soothing cup of tea can put you in the mood to take a trip to dreamland. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea is specially made for comfort and relaxation before bedtime. Instead of caffeine, the tea has natural calming ingredients like chamomile and lemongrass to help you get the quality sleep you're searching for. You can get 2 boxes of 20 teabags for $7.62 on Amazon.

Sleep Tight Scented Candle

As you get ready for bed and try to calm down from your busy day, a nice relaxing candle can help enhance the environment. Sleep Tight Scented Soy Blend Candle provides a soothing aroma that lingers in the space and helps get you in the mood for sleep. Get one of these vegan, patchouli, and lavender-scented candles for $12.00 from Ulta.

Wearable Blanket

When it's time for bed, you don't want to have to search for a blanket to get warm and comfy in. Instead, get a wearable blanket that keeps you warm with a soft and fluffy material. Horimote's Oversized Wearable Blanket Snuggle Blankets are a versatile gift for those trying to stay warm and get good sleep. Get one of these wearable pocketed blankets with a hood for $21.99 on Amazon.

Gripper Slippers

When you're trying to get to sleep, you want to be comfortable but practical. While you're working on calming down so you can drift off, you may need something to keep your feet warm or simply give you the ability to walk safely around the house. Men's Gripper Slippers provide a soft and warm sock-like covering for your feet with grips for walking across the house. Get a pair for $45 on Bombas.com.

AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier

Change the air in your bedroom for the better. Get a humidifier that operates silently while moisturizing dry air for comfortable sleep and better breathing. The AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier provides all the benefits of soothing cool air without any noise. It can also easily be put on a timer overnight — though a single tank lasts 24 full hours. Get one for $29.97 on Amazon.

How To Sleep Well Book

Many people don't sleep well because they don't know how. "How To Sleep Well" by Dr. Neil Stanley provides insight and a plan for improving your sleep situation. His book will help those with trouble sleeping understand what's causing their issues and provide ways to manage them. Get a copy for someone who needs it for $10.99 on Amazon.

Clean & Clear Morning and Night Wash

The routine before bed plays a large part in the success of sleep. Washing your face with a relaxing cleanser can help calm you down and make you feel good about going to bed. Washing first thing in the morning can help give you an extra boost to power you through the day. Clean & Clear 2-Pack Day and Night Face Cleanser provides a two-fold gift that can help anyone with their routine around bedtime. Get a pack with these two cleansers together for $24.90 at Walmart.com.

Moon Yoga Mat

Yoga involves stretching and deep breathing, which can be good for you and can be very relaxing for some. Doing some yoga before bed may be the answer to getting a more restful sleep after stretching out and relieving the tension of the day. The Retrospec Pismo Yoga Mat provides a thick moon-covered yoga mat that is ideal for some nighttime yoga. You can purchase one for $29.99 from Amazon.

Faux Fur Blanket

The right blanket may just be the answer to getting perfect sleep. No matter where you are, a nice blanket can be comforting and may just lead to dozing off. Everlasting Comfort Faux Fur Throw Blanket provides a large double-sided 100% polyester blanket that's incredibly soft. The warm yet light blanket can be used year-round. You can purchase one on Amazon for $32.99.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Who doesn't like a foot massage? The HoMedics Shiatsu Select Foot Massager with Heat could be the item that turns bedtime into a treat. The massager provides a soothing warm massage for your feet to relax and relieve the tension from the day without having to get wet or clean up. Afterward, you may feel so calm you fall right to sleep. Get one of these at Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99.

Essential Oil Diffuser

A diffuser allows you to keep the calming aromas of your essential oils dissipating throughout your room while you sleep or get ready for bed. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser offers a compact and convenient way to bring your diffuser with you wherever you need it. You can set the mister to run all night or intermittently, and set the ambiance with an adjustable mood light. Purchase one on Amazon for $13.11.

Epsom Salt Soaking Solution

A nice warm bath before bed wouldn't be complete without a soothing Epsom salt solution. Get a bag of Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Soothe & Sleep, Lavender for that someone who needs help calming down and falling asleep at night. The soothing water and calming lavender scent are sure to help put anyone at ease. Get a 3 lb bag for $5.87 on Amazon.

Dream Powder Hot Cocoa

For those who want something a little sweet before bed, there's Dream Powder by beam. Their specifically formulated hot cocoa not only warms you up and tastes delicious, but it is packed with natural sleep-inducing ingredients. Get a bag of no-sugar-added, vegan powder at shopbeam.com for $95.00.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Cream

Letting go of the busyness of the day can be tricky, and it may just be why you're having trouble sleeping. Try applying a little stress-relieving body cream to help reduce that tension and get your mind somewhere more peaceful. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Cream is infused with natural and calming ingredients, so it's sensitive to your skin and pleasant to your nose. Get a bottle for $9.99 from Amazon.

Gravity Weighted Neck Pillow

What if your pillow held your head in just the right position and targeted stress reliving pressure points? This is where Gravity's Weighted Neck Pillow comes in. The pillow is soft on the outside, and the interior can be cooled or heated for a relieving effect on the back of your head and neck. Choose one of three colors from Gravity for $35.

Digital Voice Recorder

When you're having trouble falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night, it may be because you have something on your mind. Getting those thoughts out into the air and saved for later may be what you need to set your mind at ease. G's 48GB Digital Recorder provides a way to quickly and easily record your spoken thoughts without touching your phone or dealing with any blue light. Get one from Amazon for $39.99.

Adult Coloring Book

When was the last time you colored in a coloring book? Coloring can provide a way to let go of the day and simply be in the moment. Mindful Patterns Coloring Book for Adults is filled with relaxing patterns you can fill in with color as you wind down before bedtime. Get one from Amazon for $4.99.

Wellness Table Lamp

According to Healthline, the body runs on an internal clock that controls when you feel tired and awake, called the circadian rhythm. It's based on light and can heavily impact your sleep patterns. The Skyview Wellness Table Lamp from Bios helps to ensure the lighting in your environment matches your sleep schedule. It switches between four different modes depending on the time of day to help keep you on schedule to get a good night's sleep. It's a bit pricey, but a unique tool in the fight for better sleep. You can purchase it at Bios for $999.

Functional Sleep Drink

Only some people want hot tea or want to put the work into making a cup. Luckily, Blue Bear's Functional Sleep Drink has all the natural calming ingredients you need together in a can. When it's time for bed, pull a can from the fridge and sip on a sugar-free blend of ingredients, including lavender, melatonin, and L-Theanine. You can purchase a 4-pack from Blue Bear for $16.

Therapy Dough

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Combines the smells of a candle with the feeling of a stress ball. The antimicrobial dough is moldable and squeezable to help release the anxiety keeping you buzzing at night. Get a container of therapy dough that smells like the ocean as you mold it for $15 from Mindful Gifts.

Japanese Zen Garden Kit

Take a moment before bed to put your mind at ease. An actual zen garden involves walking in the backyard, but a zen garden kit allows you to have one inside. ENSO's Japanese Zen garden Kit for Desk enables you to find peace and meaning as you move textured spheres around the sand and comb a unique design every use. Get a stress-reducing portable zen garden from Amazon for $54.99

Restore Sunrise Alarm

Waking up suddenly in the middle of the wrong part of your sleep cycle can throw off your day. After getting adequate sleep, waking up right is nearly as important. Instead of being suddenly jarred by a beeping alarm, why not wake up gradually and naturally for a more energized day. Hatch's Restore Sunrise Alarm simulates the sunrise by slowly bringing the light up in the room to wake you. It also includes a noise machine and can double as a reading light. Purchase one from Hatch for $129.

Noise Canceling Earbuds

Does every little sound in the room wake you up at night? QuietOn has noise-canceling earbuds made to put that problem to bed. The earbuds have active noise canceling and passive noise reduction. They can not only help you stay asleep at night, but they can help you concentrate at work the next day. Get these comfortable silencers from QuietOn for $239.