Morning Habits To Help Keep Bloating Away

If you wake up feeling tightness or fullness in your stomach in the morning, you may be experiencing morning bloating. As it turns out, bloating typically occurs when your gastrointestinal tract is filled with air or gas or when your gut becomes inflamed, according to experts at PopSugar. This is often caused by diet and lifestyle habits. For instance, eating a large quantity of food before going to bed can cause you to become bloated when you wake up in the morning.

"Our digestive system's motility slows down overnight, which means if you've had a larger or later dinner and are prone to grazing on snacks closer to bedtime, you might wake up with some undigested food still hanging around in your stomach," Tamara Freuman, a registered dietitian at New York Gastroenterology Associates, told PopSugar. Morning bloating can also be caused by consuming too much added sugar and sodium-rich foods, drinking carbonated beverages, or eating too many gassy vegetables, like beans and broccoli (Healthline). In addition, drinking alcohol, lying down right after eating, and swallowing air when eating too fast can all increase your risk of experiencing bloating in the morning.

Stay hydrated and avoid gassy foods

Fortunately, you can help prevent morning bloating by implementing a few new habits into your morning routine. According to SheFinds, one of the best ways to reduce bloating in the morning is to start your day with a glass of water. That's because staying hydrated is essential when it comes to keeping your body healthy and regulating your digestive system. As it turns out, adding lemon to your water can make it even more beneficial since the citrus fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals, which can help improve digestion and reduce water retention.

It's also best to avoid eating foods that are fried or have a high dairy and sugar intake. These types of foods can contribute to gas, bloating, and inflammation in the digestive tract. Instead, experts recommend eating foods that are high in fiber and contain anti-inflammatory properties, like ginger and turmeric. Furthermore, taking probiotic supplements or adding probiotic-rich foods and beverages, like kombucha, to your morning routine can also reduce bloating by helping you maintain a balanced gut microbiome (via Mindbodygreen).