Registered Dietician Lisa Moskovitz Says Diets Don't Work Because They're Too Restrictive

From low-carb to time-restricted eating, there is a diet for almost every kind of lifestyle. But do they work? "The Everygirl" podcast host Josie Santi recently interviewed dietician and CEO of New York Nutrition Group Lisa Moskovitz to answer this question and discuss several other topics related to food and eating.

Moskovitz says that while a few people might have success with diets, they just don't work for others. "The reason that many diets don't work is because they're not personalized, they're too restrictive, they're one-size-fits all," she says. Moskovitz explains that in many cases, "someone who's 300 pounds has the same program as someone who's 150 pounds," adding that this cookie-cutter approach to different people with varying nutritional needs and health issues "doesn't make any sense." But there's another reason why diets can fail, and it has to do with how we relate to food.

Diets can negatively affect our relationship with food

Moskovitz states on the podcast that another reason why diets don't work is because "they also mess with your relationship with food." She notes that while you're dieting, you may "start to look at food as good and bad, you start to put so much pressure on each thing you put in your mouth," adding that this mindset may cause you to "stress around food." She explains that this fractured relationship could possibly turn into disordered eating or other problems.

Moskovitz stresses that eating nutrient-dense calories, listening to your body, and developing a healthy relationship with food is the best strategy for losing weight and maintaining your health. She added that meeting with a registered dietician can also help. But if you can't do that, she suggests taking any online advice with a grain of salt. She encouraged listeners to do their own research, adding that if something feels wrong, they shouldn't ignore it. She also urged people to meet with a medical professional before making any drastic changes to their diet.