This Is How Long It Takes For Rogaine To Start Working

Pattern hair loss occurs in both males and females and is marked by a slow yet consistent loss of hair along the scalp, as explained by the Cleveland Clinic. Experts now know that genetics are often at play, as well as hormones. In males, the pattern hair loss is caused by an excess of androgens and presents as thinning and disappearing hair in the center of the scalp. The hormone connection in females has yet to be firmly established, but hair loss typically follows the midline of the scalp. In both males and females, this type of hair loss begins shortly after puberty, and in females, it worsens after menopause.

NYU Langone Health outlines how pattern hair loss is diagnosed in order to move toward treatment methods. The medical professional responsible for making the diagnosis is typically a dermatologist who will start by taking a full family medical history to determine a genetic catalyst. They will follow up with specific physical exams and tests that can shed light on the state of new growth and the fragility of current growth. Other analyses, blood tests, cultures, and biopsies may also take part in the work-up to diagnose pattern hair loss.

Currently, there are a number of treatment methods for pattern hair loss, including steroids, immunotherapy, hair transplants, and light treatments, as per the NHS. One medication, minoxidil (brand name Rogaine) has also proven effective at regrowing hair and preventing further loss in both males and females, according to Healthline.

You may not see results for a few months

Rogaine has been used to treat hair loss in both males and females for a few decades now, as per Healthline. It works by expanding the hair follicles along the scalp and increasing the amount of time each hair typically grows, allowing new hair growth where there previously wasn't any (although the product is most effective when started as soon as hair loss is observed). Rogaine is applied directly on the scalp as either a liquid or foam, depending on the type purchased.

Unfortunately, if you're looking for fast results, you will have to stay patient when using Rogaine as it can take around four months to actually start seeing any meaningful hair growth (per Healthline). It is important to note that regrowth will only continue as long as you use the product, so stopping use is not indicated for best results. However, you should always consult a healthcare professional before starting and during use.

Since Rogaine is a long-term game, you may find it helpful to learn a few tips about remembering to apply each application (the Mayo Clinic states that Rogaine requires two daily applications). Michigan Health suggests that in order to remember to take any kind of medication, it can help to set an alarm, track applications/doses, or use apps designed to help you implement reminders and tracking.