Why Dietitian Stephanie Grasso Is 'Against Intermittent Fasting' - Exclusive

Diet fads are not exactly an unusual concept. Plans like the Keto diet, the paleo diet, and the idea of completely restricting carbs have circulated on the internet with both some strong advocates and those with opposing views. Intermittent fasting is another trending diet that has been met with mixed opinions. Johns Hopkins Medicine defines intermittent fasting as not eating during a specific time; the draw is that fasting for certain times each day can burn body fat and even promote some health benefits like improved heart health and obesity prevention.

Health Digest turned to registered dietitian Stephanie Grasso to see if intermittent fasting is really worth the hype. In our exclusive interview, the TikToker opened up about nutrition myths and how to lead a more well-balanced lifestyle. Grasso — with 2.1 million followers and 27.7 million likes to date on the video app — educates her audience on the science behind healthy eating. During our conversation, the social media star disclosed that she is "pretty against intermittent fasting," namely because it results in "cutting out mealtimes" and "restricting calories" overall.

Intermittent fasting isn't sustainable and leads to binge eating

Stephanie Grasso, aka "your TikTok dietitian," believes in adding and balancing rather than restricting when it comes to maintaining a nutritional diet. When asked about the topic of intermittent fasting, Grasso told Health Digest, "If you're fasting to lose weight, yes, it might help because you're skipping breakfast and lunch, but that's not a sustainable lifestyle to live." The internet star elaborated that "you're more likely to be more hangry" and "less productive" due to the lack of regular mealtimes. (If you aren't aware of what "hangry" means, it's a slang term for angst while being hungry — just take a look at those popular Snickers commercials.)

Grasso detailed that carbohydrates in the morning give you the energy you need for the remainder of the day. "I always think of this as a pendulum, so the more you restrict breakfast and lunch, the more you're going to compensate that with your body and you're going to overindulge at nighttime," she said. This can lead to binge eating, which can affect your overall health, including your sleep.

Instead, Grasso recommends adding vegetables and protein to your carb cravings in dishes like pasta. Working toward a balanced diet and feeling out what works for you is the key to long-term success — or at least, more so than trying one short-term fix after another.

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