How To Get Rid Of Post-Waxing Red Bumps Fast

Waxing is a quick and effective way to remove hair from the body. Depending on the individual's hair growth pattern and other factors, waxing can provide smooth, hair-free skin for several weeks. This can be a time-saver for people who don't want to spend a lot of time on hair removal every day or every few days. Waxing removes hair from the root, meaning hair takes longer to grow back, usually around ​​three or four weeks, compared to other hair removal methods like shaving, which takes three days, per Healthline.

Luckily, nowadays, at-home waxing kits are widely available and easy to use. In fact, many people may prefer the convenience of waxing their hair in the comfort of their own homes. However, as waxing involves pulling the hair from the follicle, this can be a traumatic experience for the skin and may come with several post-waxing issues, such as red bumps, especially if not done correctly. Overall, it's always best to seek the help of a professional before engaging in at-home treatments. This will help you better understand the necessary steps to take during the process.

What causes post-waxing red bumps?

Red bumps after waxing are a common side effect that many people experience. They can be caused by various factors, one of which is folliculitis, according to Healthline. It's a common skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become inflamed. On the other hand, excess fluids coming out of the bumps may indicate a skin infection, which could be treated at home. Ingrown hairs are another common cause of red bumps. When you wax, the hair is removed from the root, which can sometimes cause it to grow and become trapped in the hair follicle. If not carefully treated, this can lead to painful bumps that cause irritation, inflammation, and infection.

Finally, it's possible that the red bumps after waxing could be caused by contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to the wax or other products used during the procedure, says Medical News Today. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, perfumed products can irritate it.

How to quickly get rid of post-waxing red bumps

Post-waxing red bumps can be uncomfortable and unsightly, but there are several ways to reduce redness and inflammation and promote healing after waxing. One effective way is by applying a cool compress to the area for 20 minutes. In addition, aloe vera gel and witch hazel may also help. Aloe vera, for example, contains natural anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe irritated skin. Witch hazel, on the other hand, has antiseptic properties that can prevent more rashes from appearing. 

You'll also want to exfoliate the skin between waxes to remove dead skin cells and free any trapped hairs. Plus, after waxing, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing that can rub against the skin and irritate the hair follicles. Suppose you continue to experience redness, inflammation, or other skin issues after waxing. In that case, consider switching to a different hair removal method or seeing a dermatologist for further advice.