Brooke Burke's Hack To Drinking More Water Is So Simple - Exclusive

What's the number one health and wellness rule that stands above the rest? You guessed it: drinking water. When you drink water every day, your hunger may decrease, your energy may increase, and you'll probably breathe better — just to name three of a substantial amount of other physiological benefits. According to Harvard Health, the average person should be consuming four to six cups of water per day, while Mayo Clinic recommends roughly 11-15 cups per day — although please note that these approximations are dependent upon your current health status.

As a person with a busy schedule, it's easy to under-prioritize water drinking, whether you forget to hydrate, don't have immediate access to more water, or just simply don't like the flavor (yes, some people actually don't enjoy the taste of H2O!). But it turns out that there is a very easy, stress-free step you can take to improve these issues and increase your overall water intake. Celebrity fitness instructor Brooke Burke advises that adding ingredients to your water can motivate you to drink an additional bottle or two, and fennel — a vegetable in the carrot family — could be your saving grace.

Fruit and fennel are fair game

"I drink a ton of water, and I have a lot of clients that don't," Brooke Burke explained in an exclusive interview with Health Digest, where she spoke about her partnership with healthy aging NAD+ supplement brand Tru Niagen. "I'll put cucumbers in there, or sometimes fruit, but there's also fennel, which is something that is a little more European," the actress elaborated. Burke recommends that if you want to throw fennel in your H2O, "you can cut off the fronds, the top stock of the fennel, and put it in your board base."

Fennel is known to have a very mild anise flavor, while others compare its profile to the taste of licorice. Burke claims that the tactic of adding it to your bottle can "make your water more enticing" and is "really good for your tummy." If her clients are willing to do it, then we will definitely give it the old college try! Some other popular fruit alternatives to place in water include cucumber and mint, basil and watermelon, or lemon and strawberry to cater to your preferred sweet or savory taste. Happy (water) drinking! 

To learn more about Tru Niagen's NAD+ supplements and other products, visit their website. Check out Brooke Burke's website to access her workout offerings.