Alton Brown's Simple Dessert Tip May Be The Key To Eating In Moderation - Exclusive

Do you eat dessert after a meal at least once a week? According to Food Technology Magazine, so do 57% of adults — with two out of five of those adults choosing some kind of ice cream, gelato, or sorbet to satisfy their sweet tooth. Food Network legend Alton Brown is included in that fraction, as he often opts for a pint of ice cream as his late-night treat of choice. During an exclusive interview with Health Digest to discuss brain health and his partnership with Neuriva, the "Good Eats" host revealed how his sleeping patterns have the ability to greatly affect eating habits.

The Sleep Foundation reports that sleep deprivation can actually lead to a higher caloric intake and is more likely to influence poor consumption choices (especially in women). Overeating is a tough battle for many and can impact not only your physical health but also your mental well-being — leading to feelings of low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Brown knows the feeling of overeating all too well, and he explained that after a bad night's sleep he "would normally reach for bad things," such as a "potato chip pack or french fries or something else." The food mogul continued, "As far as nighttime ... I can eat a pint of ice cream without blinking." So how does Brown combat his cravings for excess ice cream? He simply pre-measures out his scoops.

Set yourself up for success

Alton Brown measures his ice cream portions ahead of time so that he isn't prone to binge eating. "I will pre-measure my ice cream portions and put them in containers, so it's like, 'I can have this entire container of ice cream because I've already measured it,' he told Health Digest. "I already know what's in it. That keeps me out of the carton," Brown added. Like us regular folk, the television personality is not immune to self-shaming when it comes to the kitchen.

"I have to do things like that because I will self-shame," he said. "Even if I'm by myself in the kitchen, if I've eaten all this, I will be too embarrassed to open it and get more out." Aside from portion control, Brown recommends that your prior meals are nutrient-heavy — especially breakfast — so that you are still offering your body the good foods that it needs. The culinary connoisseur doesn't believe in the word "diet," so making healthier choices, including enjoying desserts in moderation, is key.

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