The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex Isn't What You Think

Many thoughts come to mind when we think of sex, but typically, science is not one of them. Associating sex with pleasure, power, excitement, and love is more realistic than hormonal self-awareness. But, according to the Healthy, when it comes to more enjoyable sex, you should absolutely be focused on your hormones. Hormone expert Alisa Vitti says that our hormones peak and valley all day, and when we can get them in sync with our partners, we can maximize our sexual experiences.  

Vitti, author of the best-seller Woman Code, says hormone levels in men and women complement each other around 3 p.m., making it a great time for sex. At this time of day, women's hormones are still adequately providing energy for sex and men's declining testosterone levels allow them to be more emotionally engaged. This particular synching science is especially vital for women, as Vitti says they need more emotional intimacy to be satisfied (via Bustle).

What about morning sex?

Sexpert Vitti admits early-to-mid-morning is another prime time for enjoying sex because, at that time, testosterone levels are highest, making men "more capable of a better sexual response." This is especially exciting because men may not only last longer during morning sex but can also have a stronger erection (per Mind Body Green). Estrogen levels in women are also high in the early hours, which increases sex drive, setting off that frisky feeling (via Healthline). 

According to Women's Health, morning sex offers more than just physical pleasures. Endorphins released after an incredible round of lovemaking can boost your mood, relieve pain, and even help alleviate stress. Sex in the morning can also help significantly strengthen your relationship (via Cosmopolitan). While experts might suggest an afternoon delight or morning sesh are optimal, if those times don't work for you, don't sweat it. The time of day you roll in the hay is less important than enjoying a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.