This Is Lady Gaga's Favorite Way To Work Out

In our eyes, Lady Gaga can do no wrong. So it's only natural that we're curious about her workout routine. But her favorite way to workout is not what you think. As her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, revealed to Us Weekly, Lady Gaga is a big fan of strength training. So much so, that she does it five days a week!

While Lady Gaga focuses on her butt, legs, and arms, unsurprisingly, a lot of her strength training focuses on her killer abs. Sharing his tips for getting abs as good as Gaga's, Pasternak told Health, "The key to getting great abs is not overdoing the front of the midsection, but rather focusing on the back of the midsection and the corset muscle that pulls the abs in." 

However, he also noted that "regardless how strong your ab muscles are, if there is fat covering your midsection, no one will see all the hard work you've put into strengthening them." In other words, Lady Gaga doesn't stay fit with strength training alone. She also eats clean.

Lady Gaga eats salads every single day

According to Gaga's personal chef Bo O'Connor (via People), the star's fridge is "filled with water, kombucha, some type of unsweetened ice tea, definitely Greek yogurt and almond butter or any type of nut butters, and lots of types of fruits and vegetables — kale, swiss chard, lemons, limes, ginger." And she eats salad on the regular. "She definitely will always have a salad throughout the day whether it's for lunch or dinner," O'Connor added. "The salad can be different and change; it doesn't always have to be super lettuce-based, rather it can have other components that are a little bit more satisfying."

But that doesn't mean she doesn't treat herself from time to time. "If she wanted a burger and fries, we wouldn't be doing fast food," O'Conner admitted to SELF. "So instead, I'd make her a turkey burger, gluten-free, lots of spices, and baked sweet potato fries." Gaga's biggest vice? Italian food.