The One Thing You Should Drink Before Your Morning Workout

The fitness field is full of supplements and shakes methodically marketed to fuel your workouts. But performance enhancers like pre-workout supplements and shakes may be an unnecessary drain on your pockets considering the similar perks of coffee. According to SELF, the caffeine in your morning cup assists with stimulating your central nervous system, which, like a pre-workout solution, will help kick your workout up a notch. Drinking coffee before your morning workout can burn fat, increase your metabolism, and even suppress your appetite (via Men's Journal). Furthermore, studies show caffeine intake before your workout increases physical performance, including both endurance and power.  

According to MDlinx, caffeine can also mentally enhance your exercise experiences by minimizing the awareness of pain and effort and improving your attention span and focus. Men's Journal agrees, stating black coffee can help keep your fitness routine productive and effective by boosting mental clarity. Registered dietician Jessica Cording tells SELF that it's best to enjoy your morning joe 30 minutes before a workout which will give it time to "kick in."

Is coffee really better than other pre-workout drinks?

Pre-workout supplements contain many ingredients from amino acids to artificial sweeteners, but the wow factor comes from the high doses of caffeine, with popular brands ranging between 150-300 mg per serving (via Verywell Fit). One cup of brewed coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine (via Healthline) and you can safely enjoy up to five cups, which is great news for java loving gym-goers. According to Medium, coffee is a much better alternative than pre-workout supplements because it's natural, it costs less, and if you drink it on an empty stomach, it's more effective.

And don't worry about coffee dehydrating you — that theory has been debunked in multiple studies and shown, quite the contrary, that coffee actually adds to your daily hydration. So, the next time you're getting ready for your morning workout, rest assured that your beloved cup(s) of coffee is all you need for making gains, increasing endurance, and seeing results.