What Really Happens When You Take The Stairs More Often

You may love the elevator, but do you realize all that you are missing by skipping the stairs? Taking the stairs more often may not only transform your body but can also help keep you healthy. Climbing stairs is a low-impact exercise that is less strenuous on the body, which makes it easier to do, and it can even help improve cardiovascular health (via Livestrong). Stair climbing workouts are a form of cardio, so scheduling them into your routine, whether on the stairmill in the gym or climbing stadium stairs, can improve your heart, lung, and circulatory health.

According to Verywell Healththere are multiple reasons you should be climbing stairs daily, including its impressive calorie-burning ability. That's right, research has shown that stair climbing burns more calories than jogging and expends seven times more energy than riding the elevator. Taking the stairs down also burns more calories than an elevator trip, making it worth a two-story trek in and out. If weight loss is your goal, when choosing stair climbing for your regular exercise, in addition to a healthy diet, you can expect to see a drop in weight within four weeks (per Chron). 

Other changes you will see from taking the stairs

It takes all the muscles in your legs to climb the stairs, from your glutes and hamstrings to your quads and calves, making the climb a killer lower body workout. Even your abs get in on the action, certified strength and conditioning specialist Heather Milton tells Women's Health, because as you climb with good posture, your core muscles become actively engaged. According to Livestrong, taking the steps two at a time intensifies your workout and as an added perk, climbing steps helps strengthen your glute muscles, resulting in a firmer tush.

The stairs may seem like a waste of time when the elevator is far more convenient, but stair climbing can provide great health benefits, including stress reduction and possibly treating insomnia (via Fitness-Spell). A good choice for sedentary people, beginners, or those of any fitness level, choosing to take the stairs offers so many advantages, you'll barely miss the elevator music.