The Best Kind Of Tea To Drink To Lose Weight

Let's spill the tea on one incredible reason to drink it: weight loss. While you may have heard about the miraculous effects of teas, you might have a hard time believing them. However, numerous studies show that certain teas help shed the pounds. According to Healthline, the traditional Chinese oolong tea has been shown to speed metabolism and burn fat. The National Library of Medicine published a study that found drinking oolong tea compared to water, over the course of three days, burns an additional 281 calories daily.

Another tea to get excited about is the fermented Chinese black tea, Pu-erh. While multiple studies support the weight loss and anti-obesity effects of pu-erh extract, more research is needed on the benefits of consuming it in tea form (via Healthline). Pu-erh tea may be connected to lowering cholesterol, combatting oxidative stress, and regulating blood sugar (via Verywell Health). Although more research is necessary, current studies are promising.

The champion of teas

Every tea, from calming chamomile to basic black, offers individual perks. However, one tea outshines the rest when it comes to health benefits, and that is green tea. With the ability to reduce inflammation, alleviate oxidative stress, and assist in weight loss, drinking a daily green tea becomes very appealing (via Today). A 2008 study showed that subjects who drank green tea (as opposed to a placebo) every day for 12 weeks lost an average of 7.3 pounds (via Pubmed). Studies report that green tea might also boost your metabolic rate and help burn fat (via Healthline).

According to Medical News Today, when paired with a balanced diet and exercise, adding two cups of hot green tea may assist with weight loss. Of course, there is no magical tea or remedy that, by itself, will melt the fat off. Yet, with all the reported benefits of green tea, it seems worth sipping on daily.