The Surprising Effect Of Eating An Avocado Every Day

Eating an avocado every day can help improve your overall gut health, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Researchers from the University of Illinois set out to determine the effects of daily avocado consumption on gastrointestinal microbiota (via Sci-News).

The study looked at 163 adults between the ages of 25 and 45 who were considered overweight but had no health problems. The study participants were divided into two groups. One group was given avocado with their meal every day and the other was not. By the end of the 12-week study, researchers found that the group consuming a daily intake of avocado had a greater microbial diversity. In other words, the participants who ate avocado every day had a higher concentration of gut microbiomes that help break down fiber and produce metabolites, which in turn, help promote gut health.

"Avocados are full of nutrients, including fiber and healthy fats that help support gut health by feeding your microbiota," Dr. Hannah Holscher, the study's senior author and assistant professor of nutrition in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois, told Eat This, Not That!

Fiber, avocados, and the microbiome

Avocados are rich in fiber, which is important for your gut microbiome. An average-sized avocado contains around 12 grams of fiber. This is a substantial portion of the recommended daily amount of 28 to 34 grams of fiber per day (via ScienceDaily). Incorporating soluble fiber into your everyday diet by eating avocados and other fiber-rich foods can help improve your overall gut health and strengthen your microbiome.

The gut microbiome is the collection of bacteria and microorganisms present in the gastrointestinal tract. It is responsible for regulating your digestive system and your overall health. Maintaining a healthy gut can help reduce inflammation, improve the quality of your skin, and even fight off illness.

"We can't break down dietary fibers, but certain gut microbes can. When we consume dietary fiber, it's a win-win for gut microbes and for us," Holscher said in a statement. "Just like we think about heart-healthy meals, we need to also be thinking about gut healthy meals and how to feed the microbiota."