Sex Has A Surprising Benefit For Your Immune System

Sex boosts your immune system and right now, a strong immune system is gold, so whether you are loving it or lacking it, science says sex twice a week may keep you healthier (via WebMD). In a study comprised of college students at Wilkes University, researchers found higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in those having sex when compared to those abstaining. Those having sex twice a week showed an IgA surge around 30 percent over the abstinent group. So, what is immunoglobulin A and why is it important to your health?

Johns Hopkins Medicine explains that the antibody IgA supports a healthy immune system by destroying germs and foreign invaders that enter the body, and being deficient in these antibodies can cause a myriad of health problems. In contrast, a boost in these antibodies is a boost to the immune system, adding extra protection against viruses. IgA levels can easily be checked by swabbing the mouth for saliva, which is how Carl Charnetski and his colleagues of Wilkes University measured the participants' IgA for their research.

There are even more health advantages associated with having sex

According to Bustle, sex can also reduce stress levels, and studies have shown that those with low stress are less likely to get sick. Time reports humans also have positive physical and mental reactions to being touched, including a reduction of stress, better digestion, and an improved immune system. Intimate touching like back rubbing and cuddling can improve your health and your sex life (per PopSugar). 

Have you ever had a sizzling, sweaty sex sesh that left you feeling like you ran a marathon? Sex is a form of exercise, increasing your heart rate, burning calories, and working muscles, and daily exercise has been shown to reduce stress and improve your health. According to WebMD, studies have shown that sexual intercourse can even lower blood pressure. The research shows that adding safe sex, cuddling, and touching to your arsenal of immune-boosting actions, such as hand washing and eating healthy, can only improve your health.