Here's A Surprising Reason To Drink Coffee

Sipping your morning cup or two of coffee may do more than simply wake you up: New research has found that it may also decrease your risk of prostate cancer, in addition to lowering your risk for liver, bowel, and breast cancers. 

In a recent review of 16 independent studies published in BMJ, researchers concluded that drinking more coffee may actually reduce men's risk for prostate cancer. And coffee lovers will be excited to read that not only does coffee reduce risk, but the more you drink, the lower your risk gets. Each cup you drink reduces the risk of developing pancreatic cancer by roughly 1 percent. (The highest amount of coffee consumed by a study participant was nine cups in a day, so don't make that second big pot, though.)

The reason may be coffee's surprisingly high amount of antioxidants, particularly caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid. The researchers behind this study noted that another recent study found those particular antioxidants can decrease the risk of advanced and lethal prostate cancer.

How else can coffee help?

Because coffee can boost metabolism and even change hormone levels, the researchers noted that the development of prostate cancer may be slowed as a result. And a 2014 study found that for every three cups of coffee you consume, your risk of specifically fatal prostate cancer drops by 11 percent (via Healthline). 

One in nine men in the U.S. ultimately experience prostate cancer, so using lifestyle changes to help prevent it is important. Now, if you hate coffee, don't feel pressured to start consuming massive quantities: The researchers note that more research needs to be done on exactly why coffee can decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer. However, if you do love drinking coffee, feel free to pour another cup and enjoy. And brewing method doesn't matter: From pour-over to percolator, there was no change in efficacy based on how the coffee was brewed. Just skip the overly-sugared, high-calorie options in favor of a mug of plain, black coffee.