Why Snoring Could Put Your Relationship In Danger

Snoring can be detrimental your sleep, your health, and even your relationship. If you are the snorer, chances are your own sleep is interrupted multiple times at night, and could be from a medical condition such as sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils, or even obesity (via WebMD). If you are the partner of the snorer, you may notice your sleep is disrupted from the sounds and movements coming from the other side of the bed. Lack of sleep, from living with a noisy snorer or being the snorer, can leave you feeling frustrated, sluggish, and even a bit angry, all which can have damaging effects on your relationship (via Psychology Today).

According to Newsweeka recent study involving two thousand people reported that 12 percent of the group divorced their mates because of their snoring. Furthermore, 18 percent of the group admitted that snoring was a cause of their arguing and 30 percent claimed to sleep in separate rooms from their partners. Constant snoring, causing relationship tension and separate sleeping quarters, leads to a lack of intimacy as well, which may further damage the relationship.

How snoring hurts your sex life

The ramifications of snoring can have an effect on your sex life, but there are actual physcial changes that occur in men from lack of sleep, which can cause a decreased sex drive. According to Everyday Health, when men have disrupted or limited sleep, studies show that even healthy men can have a reduction in testosterone production by up to 15 percent. Studies also show that sleep apnea, which is responsible for sleep disruption, may lower testosterone levels, which can put a damper on a man's sex drive.

Snoring may feel like a constant challenge with no solution, but according to WebMD, there are some treatments for the night-time burden. Your doctor may order medical scans or a sleep test, which can monitor your brain, heart, and breathing as you sleep. These can help your doctor determine the right kind of treatment for you which can be as simple as lifestyle changes, or as serious as surgery. If your relationship is in peril due to a snoring situation, a visit to the doctor may offer the much-needed solution.