Here's Why You Should Try Using A Squatty Potty

If you've ever suffered from constipation, you know how unpleasant and sometimes even painful it can be. Constipation is fairly common, with over 2 million people per year seeking medical attention for the condition (via Healthline). A new tool that claims to help you have bowel movements more easily has gained popularity over the last few years. But do you really need a toilet stool to help you poop?

Constipation may manifest as having hard, lumpy stools, passing fewer than three stools each week, or straining to have bowel movements (via Mayo Clinic). If the anus is not fully relaxed, or the rectum is not in the correct position, your bowel movement may not be able to evacuate your body. Squatting to pass a bowel movement is common in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. But in countries like the United States, seated toilets are the preferred way to poop (via Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology).

A stool for your stools

One company has cornered the market on what they believe to be the answer to all of our constipation problems. Scientists call them defecation postural modification devices (DPMDs), but we know them as toilet stools. One of the most popular brands of toilet stool is cleverly called the Squatty Potty (via Livestrong). This short stool slides under your toilet and allows you to prop your feet up, changing the angle of your rectum and helping to straighten it out, which may ease bowel movements.

A small study of young adults showed that toilet stools did in fact help with easier and more complete bowel movements. But experts warn that not everyone needs a toilet stool. If you have regular bowel movements without issues, you probably don't need one. Toilet stools won't hurt you, but if you're straining to go No. 2, adjustments in your diet to increase your fiber and water intake may be in order. If you still have problems fully evacuating your bowels, see a doctor to check on possible underlying health issues.