The Surprising Condition That Might Put Your Relationship In Trouble

There are some medical conditions that can disrupt your entire way of living. From diminishing your social life to depleting your bank account, chronic illness can alter so much. It's no surprise that some illnesses can also impact your relationship, causing stress and frustration for both partners.

According to, it is estimated that more than 50 million Americans live with migraine disease, most experiencing two attacks a month, while a projected 4 million adults experience 15 migraines or more a month (chronic migraine). Furthermore, most people cannot simply push through these attacks, as they can be debilitating — so much so that one in five people living with migraine disease is considered disabled.

According to BestLife, migraines can be so detrimental that you may eventually find yourself in a middle of a breakup over them. BestLife reports that 24 percent of those with migraine admit that it has damaged their sexual relationships, while 5 percent of people have gotten separated due to the condition.

How migraines can hurt your relationship

According to PsychCentral, a migraine is not just a headache. A person living with migraine disease may lose days of their life, affecting their job and finances, vacation, date night, and parenting abilities. This becomes a burden for both partners in the relationship, as one becomes the caregiver while the other is left incapacitated. 

Those with migraines may also suffer anxiety and depression, which further impacts quality of life and creates more stress for their partner. Neurologist Cynthia Armand explains that migraines can prevent people from sharing in celebrations and happy events. She says, "They're unable to keep up with daily chores or care for others in the household. They might also feel guilt for underperforming at work and home."

Lifestyle changes are another way people with migraine disease try to cope, adjusting their diets or even avoiding certain climates, trying anything that may ease the attack, including spending countless hours and money on traditional and alternative therapies. This condition is difficult for both partners, causing strain on the relationship, which can lead to a breakup.