The Real Reason Your Hair Gets Greasy

Everyone has oil in their scalp and hair, but if your hair gets greasy less than a day after washing it, your hair type and hygiene habits could be to blame. Your hair naturally produces sebum, an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that protects your skin and hair and prevents your scalp from drying out (via Healthline). However, too much sebum can cause your hair to become greasy. Some hair types, like straight or fine hair, are more prone to oil buildup due to the lack of texture in the hair shaft. This causes the oil to become more visible.

Overwashing is another culprit of greasy hair. While it may not seem like it, washing your hair too often can strip your hair of its natural oils and nutrients, causing your scalp to overproduce sebum. This often results in a buildup of excess oil in your scalp and hair. Certain hair products can also cause your hair to become greasy. Shampoos or styling products that are meant to give your shine often contain oils that will only end up making your hair even greasier (via Bustle). In addition, touching your hair too frequently can lead to a buildup of oil in your hair. This is because the oils on your fingers can transfer onto your hair, causing your hair to become greasy.

How to get rid of greasy hair

Having greasy hair can be unpleasant, but thankfully there are some simple lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce the overall amount of oil in your scalp and hair. Since overwashing is one of the most common causes of greasy hair, washing your hair less frequently can help regulate the amount of sebum your scalp produces. Washing your hair every other day or every three days can help prevent your hair from becoming too greasy.

It's also important to wash and change your pillowcases at least once a week. This is because the oils from your hair and face collect on your pillowcases every night. Sleeping on a clean pillowcase will prevent any excess buildup of oil in your hair. Another way to get rid of greasy hair is to stop touching and brushing it so frequently. When you brush or play with your hair, you're actually spreading around the sebum in your hair and stimulating the oil glands in your scalp. The less you do this, the less oil will buildup in your roots.