You Might Be Blowing Your Nose Completely Wrong

With spring on the horizon, allergy season is looming for many people. That means a lot of tissues and nose-blowing could be in your future.

Some say blowing your nose is imperative when you have a cold, rather than letting it develop into a bigger illness. But contrary to popular belief, blowing your nose voraciously isn't necessarily the best way to clear your nasal passageway.

Pressure from blowing your nose hard can carry that pesky phlegm back into your ear passages, causing earaches and other issues (via WebMD). Along with phlegm, blowing your nose pushes air, nasal bacteria, virus particles and irritants into your sinuses, causing potential infections, according to Men's Health.

Experts also say forcefully blowing your nose can possibly break blood vessels, potentially causing nosebleeds and causing stress on your nose. In some more serious cases, even perforated eardrums and severe headaches have been reported (via Men's Health).

Experts detail the best way to blow your nose

To add to the debunking of heavy nose-blowing, experts tell Men's Health that you will just continue to develop more mucus no matter how many times you blow your nose. You are better off trying to treat the cause of your congestion because the stuffiness you feel is actually your nasal passageway swelling.

The best way to blow your nose? Plug one nostril and blow gently into a tissue with your uncovered nostril, according to WebMD. If you decide to put the tissues down entirely, you can try to use steam, a nasal spray or saline spray to clear your passageway.

Taking allergy medication could also bring some relief, but be mindful of the decongestants you are taking along with the medication. Some decongestants can dehydrate you, making your mucus even thicker.

Whichever form of relief you choose, think twice before tackling both nostrils at once. The gentler approach can keep the pressure in your sinuses down and lessen the force needed to clear your congestion in the first place.