This Might Explain Why Your Throat Itches

Have you ever had an itch you can't seem to get rid of? This is especially annoying when that itch is in your throat, because you can't scratch it. But not to fear — there are remedies available that may not even require a trip to the doctor's office.

First, let's start with what can cause this irritation in your throat. There are several reasons why your throat may be itchy, but most commonly, it is a sign of hay fever or other allergies. Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is triggered by dander, dust, pollen, or irritants like cigarette smoke or exhaust fumes (via Medical News Today). The itchiness comes from the histamine released when your body reacts to a harmless irritant.

Allergies to food or drugs could also be a possibility of why your throat is itchy. These can be mild to life-threatening reactions that develop within a few minutes to a few hours of consuming the trigger food or drug, according to Medical News Today. The common food allergens are eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, and wheat, while antibiotics and penicillin can be the culprits of drug allergies.

Treatment options for itchy throats

An itchy throat may also be a sign of a viral or bacterial infection like strep throat or bacterial tonsillitis. It can also be the first sign of a cold or flu, but you would typically experience other symptoms as the infection progressed. The cause of your throat irritation could be as simple as dehydration or acid reflux.

So how can you treat this irritating throat issue? Some people swear by home remedies that are not FDA-approved like a spoonful of honey, gargling salt water, or drinking apple cider vinegar and hot herbal teas with ginger, lemon, and honey (via Healthline). You can also use over-the-counter allergy medications, nasal sprays, and cough drops to alleviate the itchy throat.

However, you should consult with a medical professional if your symptoms do not subside and you are having trouble breathing, wheezing, have hives or facial swelling, a fever or a severe sore throat. These symptoms could be signs of a serious allergic reaction or require antibiotics or antiviral medication, according to Medical News Today.

If you want to prevent an itchy throat from the get-go, making lifestyle changes like not smoking, staying hydrated, limiting your intake of caffeine or alcohol, as well as avoiding common allergens during allergy season may do the trick.